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Infrastructure Infrastructure
Taxsila Public School library is a source Information. It plays vital role in catering to the information and educational needs of both courses participants and professional staff of the institute. The fully fledged library has a collection of more than 700 books on various courses.
Library in Taxsila Public School
Computer Lab
Taxsila Public School is well equipped with computer labs. The computer center is fully furnished with modern teaching aids that help instructors to make demonstrations and presentations more effective and power packed.

Round the clock internet connectivity gives more opportunity to know the world.
Computer Lab in Taxsila Public School
Physics Lab
Taxsila Public School has well equipped Physics lab.
Computer Lab in Taxsila Public School
Chamistry Lab
Computer Lab in Taxsila Public School
Art and Craft
To bring our creativity, curiosity and the power of imagination of a child, our students participate in a host of arts and crafts projects. Students are encouraged to explore their creative talent through a variety of mediums that includes clay, fabric, sand, paint, paper and many others.
Art & Craft in Taxsila Public School
Music is an integral part of the curriculum where our students have the opportunity to pursue instrumental and vocal music. Specialized training is provided.
Taxsila Public School Music Room