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Childrens Day - Child is the father of man Chacha Nehru was remembered on his birthday (14th November) as we acknowledge the little angles of god on earth, whom he avoid so much. The teachers displayed their love and affection for children with a colorful cultural programmes, speeches, fancy dresses etc. Children enjoyed the most and it was an absolutely rockin-roll day. Children's day in Taxsila Public School
Teachers Day- It is for a man to decide weather to live life as a creator or critic, a lover or a hater,
a given or a taker. And it is the teacher who with multiple facts like that of a guide, a friend,
a philosopher and a parent guides and directs his actions on to the right path to every step of life. As a potter moulds his creation to give it an equisite look, with the same dedication and devotion
a teachers moulds the character of his students. With the dawn of September one could witness the ever eager and enthusiastic students preparing for the Teachers Day celebrations. This special day was celebrated with great zeal and gaiety as the students came u with their marvellous dance, mind-rocking games and hilarious skits.
Teacher's day in Taxsila Public School
Shiv Ratri - In the mid of july the primary wing celebrated a shiv ratri. Student of different classes presented different programmes like dances, songs etc. children in the role of shiv and parvati were looking very beautiful. Shiv Ratri in Taxsila Public School
Mango Party - With the scorehing heat becoming intenser day and students eagerly awaiting their summer break. Mango party was arranged for tiny tots who got a chance to know about different variety of mangoes and their qualities. Children in the dresses of mangoes are looking very sweet. The children enjoyed eating mangoes and dancing to the tunes of latest songs. Mango Party in Taxsila Public School
Rally - The primary wing of the school took the initiative to create awareness among its citizens through demonstration banners and slogans regarding the use of polythene. Students came up with a skit in which children dressed up a polythene and a paper bag and gave a message of stop using polythene bag. They distributed jute bags to people and promote the idea of ecology and to encourage respect of life on this beautiful earth and warning us that our future will be in an abyss if we do not pressure our wonderful environment. Rally in Taxsila Public School
Augarnath Temple - To offered our sincere prayers to god asking him to shower his blessing upon us and guide us in our studies. Our tiny tots visit to augarnath mandir. They offered prayer and also get a chance to know about some important facts about temple.  
Abha Manav Mandir - To learnt an important lesson from the life of our citizens the students of class v visited the Abha Manav Mandir. They shared their experience with the students and gave them their blessings for peaceful life and to meet the challenges of life.  
Picnic (Gandhi bagh) - Picnic time after a exhausting and hectic schedule students of class Pre nursery to 5th got a chance to enjoy their full day in Gandhi bagh. They enjoyed different swings and play games. Everyone come back refreshed and with sweet memories which will be cherished always. Picnic of Taxsila Public School in Gandhi Bagh
15th August - On 15th august the air was augmented with the songs of patriotism and our students paid rich tribute to our leaders whose sacrifice achieved focus our most valued freedom. The students came up with debates, speeches, songs and dances making us realize the importance of being independent. 15th Augest in Taxsila Public School
Trip to Delhi - Tours Borden the mind and enliven the spirit. They add to more meaningful bearing. The most awaited day finally arrived 19th November 2011, the school campus buzzing with excited faces from classes III to VI waiting for their trip to began. With excitement and enthusiasm clearly written on their faces. Weborded the bus at 7:30 am. After an enjoyable journey we reached railway museum where children saw trains of different period and enjoyed a ride. From there we reached Indraprastha garden and had a sumptuous meal. After that we left for a zoo situated at Mathura road. Children saw different birds and animals. It is a small world of birds and animals. It is a small world of birds and animals. They took photographs also. From their we left for Meerut and reached at 7:30 pm bringing with us lots of sweet memories, knowledge and unforgettable experiences. Delhi Trip in Taxsila Public School