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The etymology of the school came into existence in our country in very ancient times. The knowledge of keeping the body healthy with the ashes of gold was given by the wise in our country in ancient times and we are verifying this truth again on the scale of science in the 21st century with the advent of nanotechnology. It shows that the flow of knowledge is present from the beginning of the universe. That knowledge is of no use which would not work in the upliftment of the society and that behaviour would have been useless which would not create harmony in the society. Such children, who understand the true meaning of knowledge and behaviour and move forward with the same, are called responsible citizens of the future.

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  • CBSE Board Results(2021-22)*
    *CBSE Board Results(2021-22)*

    Classes: X and XII

    #Congratulations to all the students, teachers and parents for outstanding class X and XII board results.

    Taxsilians once again raised the flag of success. The children proved by their hard work that the obstacles on the way can not stop them from achieving the goals. Parents and teachers are pleased to see the children accomplishing great results.

    Kudos to
    All students, parents and teachers.
  • Food festival
    *Food Festival*

    *"Food for the body is not enough,*
    *There must be food for the soul."*

    To understand the importance of food in the lives of children, the school organized a one-day food festival. The children and parents of the school from classes UKG to III took part in the Festival.
    All the parents participated in the Mission Healthy Food Workshop.The main points of the workshop were healthy diet, calorie chart, BMI, malnutrition in children, impacts of fast food on child's health, obesity etc
    An amazing mouthwatering Food Festival was arranged by the Taxsilians from classes UKG to Ill to inculcate the benefits of adopting healthy food habits. Charts were displayed with the required information on the food items made up of millets, whole grains and fibre ingredients full of nutrious content.

    The food stalls were arranged with a variety of Indian foods stuff from different states. This Food Festival was observed to teach children not only about healthy eating habits but also sharing the food with everyone without discrimination of cast & creed . Above all they all learnt the
    important lesson 'Wasting food is a sin'.

    Food festival event was Coordinated by Ms. Deepmala Verma, Ms. Priyam, Ms.Vandana Tomar, Mrs. Anju khare, Ms. Deepa Bishwash, Ms. Leena Bakshi, Ms. Neetu Singh, Ms. Anamika Chaudhary, Ms. Jayshree & Ms. Khushboo Jha.

    Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra welcomed and addressed the parents who gave their precious time for the event and also congratulated the Coordintor and teachers for organizing successful event. Chairman of the school Dr. Ompal Singh appreciated the efforts of students & teachers and ensured the parents to continue the all possible steps for the all-round development of the children.
  • *Mother's Day Celebration*
    *Mother's Day Celebration*
    "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take"

    Mothers day is a special day for all children and mother's as, it celebrates the bond of love and affection that is everlasting mothers are the emotional backbone of the family who have the magic touch to heal all wounds and make all things beautiful.

    keeping this bonding, affection, emotion in mind the Junior Section of Taxsila Public School celebrated mother's day with high zeal and merriment. For making this day memorable a skit was being presented on the stage by kids Jai, shubhi, Shubhanshu, Pushkar and Divyanshi, Avni, Ishika, Vanshika, Tanushri, Shagun and Prachi from class 8 also showed their love an affection towards mothers through the medium of song. The bulletin boards were decorated with quotes on mother's love and conveyed an important message of being humble, respectful and obedience to the parents.
    The Chairman of School Dr. Ompal Singh wished mother's day to every one and shared the experiences with his mother.
    The Principal of school Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra encouraged the students with his valuable words.
  • *Labour's Day Celebration*
    *Labour's Day Celebration*
    Labor Day was celebrated with great pomp under the aegis of Taxsila Public School. School children presented various tableaux and dance songs on this occasion. The event coordinators Ms Aaradhna, Ms Vandana, Ms Neetu Singh arranged the program decently. The students prenounced the various slogans to appraise the workers of various fields. The Chairman of School Dr.Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra congratulated the children and staff for successful completion of event.
  • *Shakespeare's Week Celebration*
    *Shakespeare's Week Celebration*

    Valedictory day of the "Shakespeare's week" celebration was culminated with a play 'Macbeth' staged by the students of the school with great enthusiasm. The Shakespeare's week was started on April 20, 2021 with the biography and the contributions of the protagonist in enrichment of English language, literature & Lexicon Sonnets, Plays, Poems and the words coined by Shakespeare. The Play 'The King Lear' by Shakespeare remained the centre of interest among the students. The presentation of the eight famous Sonnets by students of classes X and XII mesmerized the audience remembering the natural literary talent of Shakespeare. The Shakespeare week celebration also included the recitation of famous poems of Shakespeare by the students of literary committee.

    The clock of the events ticked smoothly leaving an indelible memory under the supervision of the English department headed by the literary Co-ordintors Ms. Madhu Yadav, Mr. Gopal Sharma & Mrs. Shashi Sharma , event co-ordinators Mrs. Neetu Singh , Mrs. Mani Sharma, Ms Savita Singh, Ms. Aradhna ,Ms Vandana and all the teachers for back stage arrangements.

    The Chairman of School Dr. Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra congratulated the students and school staff for splendid execution of the literary Shakespeare's week .
  • *Rite of Mahayagya : Farewell to class XII*
    *Rite of Mahayagya : Farewell to class XII*

    Taxsila Public School marks the conclusion of the session 2021-22 for class XII students. On April 15, 2022 a MahaYagya(yajna) was performed in yagyashala to commemorate the occasion.

    The school's chairman, Principal, teachers and all class 12 students participated with full enthusiasm and recited Veda mantras with reverence and prayed for world peace to the Supreme Almighty .The school's Chairman Dr. Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra gave important messages to all the children for the coming times and wished them all the best for their future endeavours. The school head boy and head girl of session 2021-22 also shared their messages with students.

    Program coordinators Neetu Singh, Mr. Anubhav Arora, Mr. Jeet Singh Dhami, Ms. Madhu Yadav, Ms.Nikita Srivastava, Ms. Anjali Sharma, Ms. Shashi Sharma, Ms. Reeta , Mr. Gopal Sharma, Mr. Dilip Singh, Mr. Sanjay Deswal, Mr. Rohit and Mr. Nitin Goel, along with class XII teachers put all efforts to make the ceremony memorable for everyone.
  • A Covid Ready School
    A Covid Ready School

    Protection against Corona Virus through Vaccination
    Age Group 15+
    A Vaccination drive is under progress (29 January, 2022 Time: 10:00 am to 2.30pm)
  • Observance of Republic Day
    Observance of Republic Day
    73rd Republic Day was celebrated with the great enthusiasm at school on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. The students participated through virtual medium in the celebration well guided by the Art & Culture department and IT department. In the first session of celebration the students were told by the teachers about the importance the Republic Day, religious integrity, secular behaviour in the society and sundries. The students watched various programs based on patriotism prepared by the students on the virtual screen.
    In the second session the students were taken to the ground virtually for flag hoisting ceremony followed by the stage programmes. The flag was hoisted by honourable Principal followed by National Anthem. The female teachers presented a patriotic song? ?Jhanda uncha rahe hamara? followed by chanting of patriotic slogans by teachers and students. Then Mrs.Shashi Sharma gave a heart touching speech on the Republic Day, followed by the patriotic song by Mr.Gopal Sharma? Hai preet jahan ki reet sada?. Mrs.Sangita gave a speech imbibed of the great patriotic feelings and sentiments. Mrs. Neetu Singh presented a heart touching patriotic poem. The students of the school paid mighty salute to the freedom fighters, Army Personnel, Scientists, Farmers and every true Indian who directly or indirectly participated in the progress of nation through the virtual meeting. A special song was made on this salute event and was released on the YouTube Channel of the school.
    Dr. Ompal Singh, commemorate the event of the Republic Day to the children online, while bowing down to the martyrs who sacrificed for the nation, narrated some of their stories and also emphasized what should be our duty towards the country. The Principal of the school, Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra, addressed in his speech the importance of being a republic country. He also emphasized on the meaning of real freedom in the modern context and urged the students to use their skills and knowledge in the development of the nation through the involvement in areas like IT, Medical Research, Modern farming etc.
    The programme coordinators Ms. Neetu singh, Ms. Aradhana Sharma, Mr. Gopal Sharma, Mr. Sanjay Deshwal, Mr. Suresh Rawat, Mr. Rohit and all staff members contributed tremendously to make event a grand success.
    The Chairman Dr.Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra gave hearty greetings to the staff, parents and students on Republic Day.
  • Celebration of Silver Jubilee of school's foundation
    Celebration of Silver Jubilee of school's foundation day

    Today, on 23 January 2022, the silver jubilee of the school's foundation day was celebrated with great enthusiasm through virtual medium.

    Twenty five years ago on 23 January ,1997 the recipient of President award, eminent educationist and chairman of school, Dr. Ompal Singh had planted a small sapling in the form of a school to cater holistic education to the students of Meerut and its surrounding area.Today it is spreading its fragrance by flowering and thriving .

    The school's examination results are 100% and every year many students of this school get through the entrance exams of IIT, NIT, NEET, NDA, TES, and other competitive examinations.
    Students are bringing pride to the school
    by being leaders in various sports and other co-curricular competitions held in CBSE clusters.

    Dr. Ompal Singh has always insisted to develop the school students with discipline, patriotism, , loyalty, moral values and character traits
    along with the cognitive and skill education,
    so that they can become the responsible citizens of the nation .

    On the occasion of Foundation Day, the Chairman, Dr.Ompal Singh and the Principal, Dr.Pravin Kumar Pathra gave hearty congratulations to the former and present students and staff members for being the part of wonderful journey of the school and wished them a bright future.
  • Bhagwat Geeta Contest 2022 Organized by ISCON
    The students of our school were made aware of the said contest by Er. Tushar Baliyan an Allahabad NIIT Gold medalist who happens to be the local representative of ISCON Meerut.

    He also enriched our students with the tips for the undeviated focus to succeed in the competitive exams like IIT, NEET Etc.
  • A Special Moral Talk
    Dr. Ram Sharma an eminent educationist addressed a specially organized morning assembly.

    On the very first day of the New Year an eminent external resource Dr. Ram Sharma transcended the ignited flame of wisdom in the minds of our little scholars with the words of wisdom which he has nurtured from his rich experience over the years.

    The Same may transform the lives of the young students which shall go a long way in their progress.
    Simran , our proud alumnus of 2020-21batch , adds to the perennial glory of TPS as she qualifies entrance exam for M.B.B.S of Ivano- Frankivsk National Medical University Ukraine. We extend our hearty congratulations to her on her deserving selection.

    Well done Simran !!!!!

    *Kudos to*
    Simran and her parents, The Management and Staff of TPS.
  • Christmas Celebration
    Christmas Celebration Week
    Valedictory day of Christmas Celebration week was celebrated today with great enthusiasm and joy. The celebration week was started on December 20, 2021 for classes L.KG. to VIII. Christmas observance is an endeavour to join the world in celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ and His eloquent teachings. A huge carnival of events was at display including Movie Shows which remained the centre of attraction among the students. The movie shows were organized for all the above mentioned classes imbibing ethics, morality, mercy and patriotism. The Christmas festival week included Movie Shows,
    Wishes Box,
    Craft Show,
    Ground & Sport activities.
    Craft master from Rajasthan Mr. Kale Rana rendered deeper insinghts into the intricacies of the creative paper crafts to the students. The same was relished by the students. They made Barbie dolls, pigeons, decorative frills and Christmas buntings and sundries.

    Students decorated X-mas tree, crafted gifts for exchange among students. candles were made and decorated.
    Various sports events were organized in which students participated in games like Frog race, lemon
    race, football, six-a-side and many other ground games.
    The wheels of event rolled smoothly leaving an indelible memory under the supervision of event co-ordinators
    Mrs. Neetu Singh & Mrs. Mani Sharma and programme coordinators
    Ms. Swaleheen Khan & Mrs. Aastha Choudhary.
    Mr. Anubhav Arora & Mr. Jeet Singh Dhami
    Mrs. Aaradhna Sharma & Mrs. Vandana

    Mr. Arun, Mr. Rohit, Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Suresh
    Mrs. Sangita, Mr. Gopal Sharma & Mrs. Shashi Sharma.

    Chairman Dr. Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra congratulated students and school staff for blissful Christmas festival week and splendid execution.
  • Free Sample Paper Distribution
    Important Information

    Free Sample Paper Distribution

    At Taxsila Public School Our every day objective is to provide something as a valuable aid to our students, so that they may excel in the field of education to their contemporaries.

    Today we took yet another step forward and provided subject wise FREE SAMPLE PAPERS to our students.

    Event coordinators Mr.Gopal Sharma, Anubhav Arora, Mr. Rohit Kumar, Mr. Navtesh Raghav, Mr. Nitin Verma, Mr. Rishabh Mahesh, Ms. Savita Singh, Ms.Komal Chaudhary, Ms.Monica Rawat, Ms. Neetu Singh, Ms. Aradhna Sharma and Mr. Arun Tyagi coordinated to organize the event successfully.

    Chairman Dr. Ompal Singh and Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra (Principal) distributed the subject wise free sample papers to the students of class 10th and 12th on 30th November and 1st December respectively and congratulated the team of event organizers.
  • *Gaiety of Investiture Ceremony* on 13/11/2021
    *Gaiety of Investiture Ceremony*

    Today the Investiture Ceremony was held at the school .
    In the ceremony various ranks were formally conferred on different students from four houses of the school. The position bearers of the school council were administered the oath
    by Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra . The school council members ensured to follow, inculcate and execute the school protocol and discipline among the rank and file.
    The program coordinators Ms. Neetu Singh, Mr. Gopal Sharma ,Ms. Madhu Yadav , Ms. Sheetal , Mr Jeet Singh Dhami and Mr Anubhav Arora along with the house incharges contributed amazingly to bring the event up to the expectations.
    The school Chairman Dr. Ompal Singh & Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra applauded the participation of teachers and students in the successful completion of the event .
  • *Children's Day Celebrations* on 14/11/2021
    *Children's Day Celebrations*

    Today Children's Day was Celebrated at the school premises.On the auspicious occasion Chairman of the school Dr. Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra offered the floral tribute to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on his birth anniversary for his contributions in the field of education ,rights and care to the children.

    Teachers participated in the
    celebration very enthusiastically and special morning assembly was held by the teachers. They presented poems, group songs and speeches dedicated to the children. Students enjoyed different games and activities in play ground.

    The program coordinators Ms. Neetu Singh, Ms. Madhu Yadav ,Ms Astha Chaudhary , along with teachers contributed outstandingly to make the program successful and memorable.

    The school Chairman Dr. Ompal & Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra congratulated the teachers and students for the memorable celebration of Children's Day.
  • Celebrated *DIWALI UTSAV* on 2/11/2021

    Taxsila Public School organised Diwali Utsav at school premises. In the special morning assembly Chairman of School Dr Ompal Singh dwelled upon the relevance and explicit importance of the festivals in students lives . He further added that how our rich heritage is ingrained in our culture through idiosyncrasy of the UNITY IN DIVERSITY OF INDIA through these festivals.
    The Art and Cultural department of School organised an inhouse Rangoli making competition for all four houses using
    eco-friendly colours . Lightening of Diyas was done by Chaiman Dr. Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra along with the echoes of hymns to Godess Laxmi and Lord Sri Ram. Students of all houses participated in candle decoration, Hadhi decoration, Toran making,card and poster making competitions with a high enthusiasm and interest. Program coordinators Ms. Neetu Singh, Ms.Madhu Yadav, Ms. Shashi Sharma, Ms.Rita madam and pilot students contributed outstandingly to make the event memorable.
    Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra gave insights into the realisation of learnings from the life of Lord Sri Rama and guided the students to celebrate the coming festivals with spirit and safety.
  • Ganga Utsav Celebrated on 1/11/2021
    Ganga Utsav Celebrated

    Today Taxsila Public School
    participated in the "Ganges Utsav" to register with Tagathon: Guinness World Record, and paid gratitude to the most honoured, devoted and prayed river of the world as "Mother Ganges" we uploaded the pictures of School Chairman Dr. Ompal Singh and Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra (Principal) teachers and students. We also pledged to keep the Ganges clean, protect and maintain it, with the utmost dedication and commitment.

    Program Coordinators Mrs. Neetu madam, Mr. Rohit Kumar and Mr. Gopal sharma contributed to make this event a grand success.

    Chairman Dr. Ompal Singh and Principal Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra congratulated the teachers and students on the event "Ganges Utsav" for their pledge to keep the Ganges clean.
  • *Workshop on Cyber Security* on 29/10/2021
    *Workshop on Cyber Security*

    Today Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra (Principal) flagged off the workshop on the Cyber Security, which was conducted at the school by the external resource person Mr. Shivam Giri founder of Cyber Yodha.

    Which was appreciated by the students and provided them deeper insights into the topics like cyber crimes and protection.

    The event coordinators Gopal Sharma, Gursharan Kaur, Rohit Kumar and Mani Sharma contributed to make the event a grand success.

    Chairman of the school Dr. Ompal singh and Dr. Pravin Kumar Pathra (Principal) congratulated the students and teachers for the successful completion of the wonderful workshop.
  • One day workshop " Bal Hulchul" in Pre- Primary Wing on 27/10/2021
    One day workshop " Bal Hulchul" in Pre- Primary Wing
    Taxsila Public School organised one day workshop 'Bal Hulchul' for Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten students . The aim of " Bal Hulchul" was to ensure intrigning experience based on experiential learning for tiny learners. Children started
    " Bal Hulchul" with an
    inhouse excursion to school premises .Mother teachers and wing teachers took children to Go green garden,Yogya Shayla ,Cafeteria, Science labs,Sport lab,Examination Cell, Auditorium and sundries during school visit.The children were edified by teachers on civic behaviour, good and bad habits,Role of discipline in student's life and
    Use of leisure time through various displays and skits. Kids enjoyed special lunch prepared by parents for the special day.
    In last ,students watched a feature film in theatre.
    The wing teachers Ms. Swaleheen ,Ms.Anamika Ms.Anju Khare, and Ms.Neetu Singh contributed outstandingly to make the event more fruitful.
    Chairman of school Dr.OmpalSingh and Principal Dr.Pravin Kumar Pathra congratulated students and teachers for successful completion of
    " Bal Hulchul".
  • Capacity Building Programme For Teachers
    A six days inhouse ' Capacity Building Programme' for the teachers was successfully completed at Taxsila Public School.

    The resourse person of the programme Dr.Pravin Kumar Pathra Principal, Taxsila Public School rendered rare insights into the topics named Different Educational Philosophies in a school education, Child Centric Education, Theory of Behaviorism, Lesson planning according to the R.C.E.M , Framing of question papers according to the Bloom's Taxonomy and sundries.

    The teachers participated in a written exam based on the topics discussed in workshop and certificates were distributed to the successful teachers. The chairman of school Dr. Ompal Singh congratulated all the teachers for the successful completion of programme.

    The program coordinators Mr. Gopal Sharma and Mr.Suresh Rawat extended all the necessary help to make this workshops more fruitful.
  • Dussehra/Durga Navami Celebration at the School
    The auspicious festival of Dussehra and Durga Navami was celebrated today with the great fervour and the deep seated faith bestowed in our rich heritage and culture at Taxsila Public School.

    Our students presented Sampuran Ramayan flawlessly on the occasion, chanted religious couplets (Shalokas) and presented dances plunged in our vintage history belonged to our saints, our Icons like lord Shri Rama and Ada-Shakti Durga to reestablish the powers of truth, sacrifice and good deeds over the nefarious designs, evil thoughts and malice.

    Honourable chairman Dr. Ompal singh and principal Dr. Pravin kumar Pathra wished a happy, prosperous Durga Navami and Dussehra to the students, teachers and the parents on this auspicious occasion.
  • Gold Medal won by our student Kunal Chaudhary Class XII E
    Our Student CONFERRED WITH LAURELS in the district level athletic competition organized by the Districts Athletic Association Meerut.

    Our Student Kunal Chaudhary of Class XII E won the first prize in the 800 meter race ( 18 Years and under) in the record time of 2:05:52 seconds and won the Gold Medal in the event.
    Principal Mr.Praveen Kumar Pathra felicitated the student in school assembly and presented him the certificate issued by the District Athletic Association Meerut affiliated to the Athletic Federation of India.
  • Gold Medal won by our student Pragya Pandey Class IX A
    An another feather has been added in our cap by our student Pragya Pandey of class IX A. She won the Gold Medal in the district level athletic meet held by the Districts Athletic Association Meerut.
    Pragya Pandey won the Gold Medal in the 100 meter race ( 14 Years and under) which she completed in 15 seconds.
    Principal Dr.Pravin Kumar Pathra felicitated the student in school assembly and presented her the certificate issued by the District Athletic Association Meerut affiliated to the Athletic Federation of India.
  • Creative educator joins as principal
    Dear parents and students
    We are pleased to inform you that today Dr. Praveen Kumar Pathra has joined Taxsila Public School as Principal.
    He has been an educator for more than 16 years
    The school is privileged to work under his guidance
  • Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti
    In the synchronization with the national as well as global commemoration of the 152nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 117th birth anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri the father of the nation and the son of the soil respectively.
    Taxsila Public School also organized meticulously planned celebrations at its campus which was participated by students from the various classes enthusiastically.
    Floral tributes were made to the portraits of both eminent leaders Mahatama Gandhi and Shastri ji by Chairman Sir, Principal and staff.
    The children of the various classes presented and exhibited the stories regarding the glorious life of both legends through various skits, drama, songs and slogans.
    The children took oath to follow the conclusions of the lives of Gandhi ji and Shastri Ji.
  • Celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June 2021
    "Lets nurture the nature so that we can have a better future"
    Celebrated World Environment Day

  • Celebrated Yoga Day on 21 June 2021
    Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
    Yoga Day Celebration
  • Mother's Day Celebration on 9 May 2021
    Celebrated Mother's Day on 9 May 2021
  • Celebrating Ravindra Nath Tagore Jayanti
    Celebrated Sir Ravindra Nath Tagore Jayanti on 7 May 2021
  • Deepawali Celebration 2020
    Celebrations Diya and lighting, home decoration, shopping, fireworks, puja (worship ceremonies), gifts, performing religious rituals, feast and sweets
  • Republic Day celebration 26-01-2021
    Republic Day has been celebrated every year in India on January 26, since 1950
  • Celebrating the festival of Raksha bandhan
    The bond of unwavering love of children towards nature
  • Celebration
    Mother's Day Celebration (Primary Wing)
  • Competition
    Eng. Spelling Competition
    Debate (Inter House)
    Class VI to VIII

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