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Salad Making

Salad is very important source of vitamins so we inculcate the habit of salad making among students.

Let's Make Swachh Bharat A Reality

With the commencement of the February Taxsila Public School organised a contest for “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. All the students took part in this competition.

Preventing Corona by Wearing Mask

Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives.

Healthy Food Day

In today’s set up, keeping healthy and fit and fine has become a challenge but in our school how to stay healthy is taught and that’s why our school has won myriad prizes and awards of being healthiest school.

Activity based fun learning

The gaily decorated and captivating activities like food stalls, doll decoration & party are orgainsed with the greatfervour each year to impart the creative edutainment among the students.

Science Experiments

Science is the mother of all exploration and invention, with-out the ken of science our world remains incomplete, how we make value-based society, it is taught with the aide of scientific experiments.

Book Fair

Books are the best source of knowledge, so various books on distinguish topics are shown to the students. Doll dress up activity in our school how to make the doll with improvised material is taught.


Baishakhi celebration is also celebrated with great fervour and zest and awares the students about Baishakhi.

Save Animals

All the animals have equal share on this earth as men have but we are killing them and it has triggered the natural imbalance. In our school to protect the animals has been given the top priority.

Plantation Activity

To plant the saplings and their importance is thought because a tree is beneficial than thousands of things.

Mothers Day

The cuddling of mother is most precious gift bestowed by the almighty to human being.

Labour Day

The importance of social class comprising those who do manual labour or work for wages is celebrated with zest and zeal.

Earth Day

Our earth is burning due to the illegimate activities of human being, how to preserve and make our earth beautiful livable and worthy is our ons and that is well taught in our school. Earth day is celebrated with great fervour to infuse the habit of preservance among students.

Visit to garden temple umbrella PT health and rainy day paper folding Christmas celebration kite making are also celebrated & organized.

Shiv Ratri

In the mid of july the primary wing celebrated Shiv Ratri. Student of different classes presented different programmes like dance, songs etc. children in the role of Shiv and Parvati were looking very beautiful.

Janamastmi Celebration

Mango Party

With the scorching heat becoming intense. Mango party was arranged for tiny tots who got a chance to know about different variety of mangoes and their qualities. Children in the dresses of mangoes were looking very sweet. The children enjoyed eating mangoes and dancing to the tunes of latest songs.

Basant Panchami Activity


Picnic time after an exhausting and hectic schedule. Students of class Pre nursery to 5th got a chance to enjoy their full day in Gandhi bagh. They enjoyed different swings and played of games. Everyone came back refreshed and with sweet memories which will be cherished always.

Independence Day

On 15th august the air was augmented with the songs of patriotism and our students paid rich tribute to our leaders whose sacrifice achieved for us are our most valued freedom. The students came up with debates, speeches, songs and dances making us realize the importance of being independent.