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Vision Mission

The aim of the school is to empower individuals with knowledge, skills, values and cultural identity, so that they excel in their chosen fields. We shall prepare ourselves to grab the opportunities that each day offers, to grow and learn throughout our lives. Our mission is to create enduring bonds of love, respect and leadership. A spiritual anchor will give depth and meaning to our lives.

Parental co-operation will help in shaping the future of the 'Whole' child. We shall always strive the balance between the traditional and modern approach towards environmental concerns and technological imperatives. Our institution will lay the foundation for a future filled with promise. Faith in the Almighty, pride in our Nation and its role in bringing about global harmony will motivate all our endeavours-forever.

Our duty is to help the child to develop his/her over all personality. And this is not possible without the co-operation of parents. We seek the co-operation of parents to raise the standard of the school by ensuring discipline, regularity, punctuality, cleanliness and diligence in your ward.

Help us to serve your children better.