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Admission - Admission Process.
Step 1 - get a school prospectus and application package manually either or online.
Step 2 - Schedule a test ( Except XI ) and personal interview with the Admission Board.
Step 3 - If admission is granted submit fees and required documents at the request date.

Documents Needed - Guardians are requested to fill the admission form with utmost accuracy and to read the prospectus thoroughly before registering the child. Every seeking admission in the school is required to produce the following documents without which the admission cannot be finalized.

Photocopy of Muncipal Birth Certificate for admission from I to XI
    • Two passport size photographs.
    • School learning certificate duly countersigned.
    • Medical fitness certificate from a competent doctor.
    • Character certificate from the school last attended.
Rules And Regulation -
Assembly -
    • Be always punctual.
    • Bring the class to the assembly ground properly dress and is queue.
    • Ensure that pin drop silence is always maintained throughout the assembly. It is necessary that teachers also do not is whisper amongst each other.

    Class Room -
      • Check that there are adequate chairs/table for pupils and the classroom is adequately lighted.
      • Making a seating plan. The weak students should sit in the front rows.
      • Lay stress on question answers.
      • Do not get irritate in class, maintain a smiling posture.
      • Do adequate preparations of the topic to be taught in the class prepare notes.
      • Do make a weekly checklist on Sundays for the topics to be covered in the coming week.
      • Do not be partial to any student. Treat them all equal.
      • Do not criticize any teacher in front of the class or with students, infact no where.
      • See that decorum of the class is always maintained.
      • Be friendly but not familiar.
      • Make your class worth a visit, neat, clean, tidy, decorated.

      Staff Room -
      • Do not from & groups mix up with each other.
      • Ego should not hamper inter personal relationship.
      • Respect senior teachers and pay them due regards.
      • Personalities should not be discussed. The conversation should be educative and healthy.
      • Refreshments should be consumed in breaks in staff room. Please make sure that eating in corridors/lawns etc, is discouraged as it leads to general lack in discipline. Do not eat supari/pan.

      Code Of Conduct -
      1. If you are having home problem with another teacher do discuss it with vice principal before bringing it out in open.
      2. Dress up in a proper manner. You are the model for students.
      3. Be punctual always. Please ensure that your behave does not harm the pupil studies. Make suitable arrangements before you go on sudden leaves.
      4. Teaching is a noble professor which requires high degree of self sacrifice. Leave the tensions at home exude confidence and cheerfulness in the class.

      1. Bring out the good points of the students to their parents. The criticism should be constructive.
      2. Do not let parents feel that their child is not given due attention in class. Convinces them for all respects.
School/office Timings-
School Hours
Summer (From 1stApril to 15 October)
Classes 1st onwards 7:30 am to 1:15 pm
Office Hours
09:00 -  02:00 (summer)
09:00 - 02:30 (winter)
09:00 - 12:00 (vacation)
Visiting Hours
10:00 - 12:00
House system - In addition to inculcate healthy competition the entire school has been divided into four houses...
Day - to - day commitments.
Azad Subhash Nehru Gandhi